About Us
James Heldring founded Pencoyd Iron Works, Inc. in 1995. Our original location was near the Philadelphia International Airport and we are currently located in Folcroft, Pennsylvania.

Pencoyd Iron initiated with a staff of 6 full-time employees in a 12,000 square foot building, but it has grown into a thriving business comprising a staff of 20 full-time employees. Our facility has expanded to a 29,000 square foot production area with 5,000 square feet of offices.

Over the years, Pencoyd Iron has built a reputation among architects, engineers and contractors for service, quality and performance in the fields of miscellaneous metal and structural fabrication. We are unique from similar companies because we involve ourselves in complex renovation projects that include demolition and new work. We focus mainly on projects in the pharmaceutical, health care, and educational areas.

We are very proud of our staff at Pencoyd Iron. It consists of a large number of highly skilled professionals, who continually strive to meet the highest demands of our industry.